lunchbox menu for thurs. june 19


the first lunchbox.

the pixies are back this week with some more delicious delights!

ordering lunch has never felt (or tasted) so good!  simply choose one of the two menu items below, fill out the order form and flip us a tenner when we deliver your lunchbox on thursday, june 19!  we pedal right to your office or home.  all orders must be placed by 12pm on wednesday.  lunchboxes will be delivered between 1130am and 130pm.

option 1: summer fiesta brown rice salad

good-for-you brown rice meets a party blend of black beans and raw veggies topped with avocado; served with a side of homemade salsa and chips

option 2: chickpea salad sandwich

a vegan’s alternative to a chicken salad sandwich this splendid lunchtime meal gets a boost with nature’s mightiest legume tossed with celery, green onion, pickles and bell peppers.  sandwich is served on classic millstone bakery bread with a side salad




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