lunchbox menu for thurs. july 3

thursdays are the yummiest days of the week!

thursdays are the yummiest days of the week!

we’re going to rock your palette this week with some healthy middle eastern fare and a recipe that we’re bringing from the streets of new york.  get your bellies excited because thursday is going to be yummy!!!

the menu

option 1: middle eastern summer fare

bulgur salad infused with carrot and ginger; served with an antipasto skewer and homemade hummus

option 2: the new york sweet potato wrap

roasted sweet potato mashed with mushrooms, onion, corn, spinach and hot sauce wrapped in a whole grain tortilla; served with a side of kaleslaw.  (don’t want it wrapped?  no dramas, we can lay down some greens for you instead!)

how to order

ordering a homemade, hand-delivered lunch is easy!  choose from one of the two above menu options, fill out the order form and flip us $10 when we deliver your lunchbox on thursday, july 3!  we pedal right to your office or home.

all orders must be placed by 12pm on wednesday.  lunchboxes will be delivered between 11am and 1pm.



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