laughter is crucial to satisfying conversation quotewe’ve been plotting away all winter for an epic 2015 season!  we wanted to share our vision with you:

the pedalling pixies is a bike delivery program serving northumberland county, ontario. we provide learning and employment opportunities for youth through culinary training and food entrepreneurship.

the pedalling pixies is a social venture in support of the local food for local good foundation, which means that proceeds from our pixie projects are reinvested back into local community programs.

by getting youth on bicycles, pedalling around their neighbourhoods, we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • facilitate summer employment opportunities for youth
  • connect people with local food through a weekly lunch service, “pixie lunchboxes”
  • coordinate a partnership program with local secondary schools where their culinary arts students curate and prepare weekly lunch menus to take to market
  • provide a courier service to local restaurants, farmers markets and home-based entrepreneurs to deliver their goods to customers
  • promote local food for local good’s efforts in building a sustainable pathway to food security in our community


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