the concept.

Pedalling with a Purpose

The Pedalling Pixies is a social enterprise designed to provide meaningful work for people who face barriers to employment.  Pixies receive hands-on training and gain practical experience in hospitality, customer service and business operations while earning a small income through our bike delivery service.

Our fleet of Pixies can be seen riding around on any day of the week, delivering lunchboxes prepared by local chefs, running errands for seniors or providing personal courier services for busy professionals.

Bicycles and Community Building

We are more than just a bicycle business.  We aim to build a vibrant community by:

  • Facilitating summer employment opportunities for youth
  • Promoting eco-friendly transportation
  • Collaborating with restaurants and farmer markets to enhance local economic impact
  • Removing barriers to community participation and inclusion
  • Mentoring individuals in the daily operations of managing their own customer base and delivery route

The Pedalling Pixies is a social impact project initiated by Local Food for Local Good, which means that proceeds from our bike delivery service are reinvested back into local community food programs.


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