menu samples.

the australian salad

red quinoa, roasted sweet potato and chickpea tossed with rocket and fresh lemon herb dressing

eggless salad sandwich

a vegan’s take on the classic summer sandwich!  crumbled tofu tossed with cayenne, turmeric and sweet onion; served on fresh bread from millstone bakery with a side of mixed greens

summer fiesta brown rice salad

good-for-you brown rice meets a party blend of black beans and raw veggies topped with avocado; served with a side of homemade tomato, rhubarb and red pepper salsa and chips

chickpea salad sandwich

a vegan’s alternative to a chicken salad sandwich this splendid lunchtime meal gets a boost with nature’s mightiest legume tossed with celery, green onion, pickles and bell peppers; sandwich is served on classic millstone bakery bread with a side salad

summer kale salad with sweet apple-cinnamon vinaigrette & pecan parmesan

one of our favourite recipes adapted from angela liddon’s “oh she glows cookbook”, this salad is loaded with healthy goodness: kale, fresh apple, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries; topped with fresh raspberries and pecan parmesan

vegan burrito with broccoli, quinoa and cashew cheese 

a knockout spin on this mexican favourite, our burrito is jammed packed with a dairy-free cheese sauce and a broccoli-quinoa mince all tucked into a soft whole wheat wrap; served with a side of kale slaw

middle eastern summer fare

bulgur salad infused with carrot, ginger, rocket and almond slivers; served with naan bread and homemade hummus

the new york sweet potato wrap

roasted sweet potato mashed with mushrooms, onion, corn, spinach and hot sauce wrapped in a whole grain tortilla; served with a side of kaleslaw.  (don’t want it wrapped?  no dramas, we can lay down some greens for you instead!)

raw spring rolls with spicy mango sauce

raw summer veggies and fruit wrapped up in crisp chard; served with spicy mango sauce for dipping and a slice of fresh millstone bread

raw lasagna (inspired by chef russell james)

raw goodness layered with nut cheese, walnut meat, tomato sauce, green pesto and spinach; served with a side of greens

fresh and crunchy green tacos with lentil-walnut meat  (inspired by angela liddon’s recipe from

lettuce wrapped tacos filled with sauteed veggies, cashew sour cream and lentil-walnut mince; served with pixie salsa (tomato, rhubarb and red pepper) and home baked pita chips


  1. Wow this is an amazing concept.!! I want to keep an eye on this for spring and summer. This is now in my favourites!! Well done great innovation.

    1. thank you so much irene! we appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment! we’re excited about the 2015 season and hope to meet you during our lunch delivery service one day this spring/summer!

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